FOCUSpreneurship® is a series of thought-provoking analysis and coaching workshops with an emphasis on strategic thinking, creativity, and innovation. The workshops are designed to benefit 1) entrepreneurs, 2) corporate employees, 3) professionals, 4) business owners, and 5) individuals in transition from a job to a sustainable career path.


The desired result is to create and implement an environment that encourages and prepares individuals (“You, Inc.”) to Cross the Strategic Thinking Abyss©, resulting in a more globally prepared, creative, and/or innovative, value-added decision maker in the national and global competitive arena.

FOCUSpreneurship® workshops cover: 

  • Creation of your focused company (called “You, Inc.”)
  • Adaptation and transition of BLJ’s 4 Ms Business Methodology to “You, Inc.”

  • Assessment and understanding of your personal behavioral traits (dominant, inspiring, supportive, or cautious) based on your natural or adapted environment

  • What kind of thinker are you? Are you a strategic thinker?
  • 5 types of people in the universe—which one are you?
  • Identification of your chasms and required preparation to Cross the Strategic Thinking Abyss©
  • Communications: social media and social graces



  • Global, national, and local marketing and management readiness for business growth and career opportunities
  • Identification of and addressing Strategic Abyss and your blind spots
  • A FOCUSpreneurship® strategic-thinking mindset


Entrepreneurship development and training:

  • FOCUSpreneurship® coaching
  • Critical-thinking process
  • Leadership development and knowledge-base transfer
  • Business startup coaching

FOCUSpreneurship® Analysis and Coaching

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