Management Consulting

BLJ’s creative and unique approach is based on our Enterprise Relationship Management Consultancy (ERMC) methodology and business model.

The ERMC business model is a seamless and differentiated integration of Strategies, Processes, Leadership, Information technology, Change management, and Empowerment (SPLICE).

SPLICE is centered on relationship building and development for client-tailored solutions that enable sustainable growth.

Strategic Management

  • Develop a plan to maximize customer, employee, and shareholder value
  • Position client’s organization for long-term flexibility and measurable success
  • Strategic visioning, i.e., planning for the future, identifying the desired states

 Process Management

  • Project Portfolio Management is a management consulting, training, and research division dedicated to the management of processes, methods, and technologies resulting in increased business performance and productivity optimization
  • Assure processes create value by systematically analyzing key business drivers and processes resulting in productivity efficiencies
  • Develop systems and procedures to ensure strategies are implemented on time, efficiently, and according to approved budget and plans
  • Gain competitive advantage and create greater value for the customer
  • Strategic process of implementing marketing strategies
  • Organizational assessment and development: analyzing the environment for opportunities in order to gain market share and competitive advantages
  • Business process, risk management, and quality management

 Leadership Plan Management

  • Secure human resources with the appropriate required skills and experiences
  • Develop and implement Leadership Skills and Development workshops

Information Technology Assessment Management

  • Develop systems to support the organization’s mission and to ensure that business strategies are supported by an array of information technology applications
  • Perform assessment studies to determine alignment with client’s needs

 Change Management

  • Assess the functioning of the entire organizational structure, which may involve several groups and/or businesses/units
  • Organizational assessment and development
  • Risk assessment (financial analysis and workflow operations)
  • Change management implementation

Empowerment Management

  • Empower and motivate workers to make business decisions, which results in continuous improvement of the organization and the workers via the following workshops:
  • Critical Thinking Process
  • Leadership Development and Knowledge-Base Transfer
  • Individual and Team Suitability Assessment
  • Systematic Project Management




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Enterprise Relationship Management


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